As brands evolve in an ever-changing world, Brand Managers, Marketing Managers and Marketing Directors must constantly ask themselves this golden question: In the next ten years, would my brand remain strong in the marketplace?

The survival of any brand is largely dependent on having the right architecture, from scratch. Imagine building a house in a hurry without resolving the most fundamental issue – an acceptable and a feasible architectural drawing. Your guess is as good as mine. It would only make common sense that building a house without a carefully thought-out architectural drawing will only lead to painful adjustments in the course of time. The owner of the building may just realize that he or she has misused the available portion of land by not maximizing the benefits derivable from judiciously using land as a profitable resource. The same chaos would likely occur for brands that emerge without a carefully designed ‘’brand architecture’’.

What is a brand? Elementary definition has it that a brand is a name, a means of identification (e.g. term, sign, symbol, design, etc.) intended to differentiate or distinguish the goods or services of one seller or group of sellers from those of competitors. It is also a means of identification that offers additional value by way of functional or emotional benefits. Let’s leave the technical details attached to describing a brand for a formal discuss at a later date when you attend our Customized Training programmes at Grandi Menti Consulting. However, there is need to know that you either set out as ‘’A branded Company’’ or ‘’A Company of Brands’’.

The greatest danger to a brand’s survival lies in how it is managed. If the custodians of your brand or brands are not properly trained as Brand Management Specialists, the fate that often befall builders of houses without proper architectural drawing is likely to befall such a firm.

Brand Management is too serious a business to be left in the hands of just anybody. It must be the exclusive preserve of specialists who have topnotch expertise in the field of brand management. If you are not convinced that those saddled with the responsibility of managing your brands are qualified to do so, there is no need to prolong your days of despair. Simply refer them to Grandi Menti Consulting for a two-day course on ‘’Effective Brand Building Skills’’. After the programme, you would be extremely glad and grateful that you took the right decision.

At Grandi Menti Consulting Limited, our team of Training Facilitators often ensure that participants who attend our Brand Management Courses leave the classroom with a deeper and clearer understanding of key concepts like: ‘’Consumer Insight’’, ‘’Brand Essence Wheel’’, ‘’Brand Values & Culture’’, etc.

Don’t let your brand go into extinction, expose your staff members to modern and global best-practices in Brand Management.

…Emmanuel Ifeanyi Anyanwu (BSc, MBA, MNIMN) – Managing Partner, Grandi Menti Consulting – 20200117


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