Mastering Essential Skills for Today’s Public Relations Practice

  • Can your business thrive without continuing public approval?
  • Are the members of your Public Relations team well-equipped to manage the complexities and requirements of today’s Public Relations practice?
  • What is the significance of your corporate story?

It is no longer news that no matter how legal and proper your organization’s actions are and even if you act in terms of profit and loss these steps by Executive Management are not enough to ensure the survival of your entity. There is something more that is required – You need a strong positive awareness of your organization’s local, regional, national and global objectives (social and economic). There must be a plan and a conscious effort to make your organization’s actions conform, to a large extent, with the prevailing tides of public opinion around your sphere of existence and operations.

There is a general rule in Public Relations practice that unless an organization is responsive to its publics, it would not be able to make itself understood in most quarters. Your organization must transit from its traditional belief that ‘’you only need to worry about the judgement by the public as rendered in the marketplace’’. This ancient belief or level of corporate self-sufficiency is a recipe for Public Relations disaster if not outgrown.

In Nigeria, most executives now realize, especially firms in our country largely managed by Asian/Middle East investors (Chinese, Indonesians, Indians, Lebanese, etc.), that our mixed economic system which relies heavily on the slogan – ‘’private sector-driven economy’’ – is no longer ‘’private’’. Some firms in Nigeria and in other West African markets have learned that they can continue to thrive only by virtue of continuing public approval of the host communities, states, regions and countries where they do business. Abraham Lincoln once said: ‘’With public sentiment, nothing can fail – without it nothing can succeed.’’

Are you aware that the smile or frown on your Business Development Executive’s face, the vigour or weakness of the handshake of your Salesman, the warm and friendly or discourteous greeting of your Customer Service personnel or Receptionist all translate to Public Relations – good or bad?

Do you know how to properly evaluate public attitudes? Can you identify the policies and procedures of your organization with the public interest as an integral component? Do you have modern Public Relations skills for executing a pogramme of action aimed at earning public understanding and acceptance?

Do you have a carefully planned process of continually winning the goodwill and understanding of your customers/clients, employees, and the public at large?

Public Relations goes far beyond publicity and press relations. A functional and well-equipped Public Relations Unit must help management in shaping business conduct with the overriding assistance of helping the entire organization to be aware of public opinion and responsive to it at all times. Public Relations is not magic. It cannot be a last resort to impart a sweet aroma to a smelly situation that has turned very ugly. Men and women must be properly trained to proactive and to prevent situations from getting out of hand. At Grandi Menti Consulting, we provide insights into global best practices in Public Relations Practice. Our customized training programmes will help improve the skills of your Public Relations team.

…Emmanuel Ifeanyi Anyanwu (BSc, MBA, MNIMN) – Managing Partner, Grandi Menti Consulting – 20200102


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