The Cost of Dull & Ineffective Business Letters

  • How many deals have you failed to close due to the unimpressive nature of your Business Letter or Proposals?
  • Are you aware that your Business Letters and Proposals mirror your organization’s image?
  • What do you think is the effect or cost of a poorly constructed Business Letter or Proposal on your brand’s image?

A nonwriter or ill-trained writer usually sees only the end-result of a professionally trained writer’s creative effort. The untrained, ill-trained or nonwriter has a vague appreciation of the craftmanship involved in producing the finished draft. The reaction of the nonwriter can be likened to a nontechnical person who simply admires a new automobile for its shape, colour, size, comfort and overall appeal without a deep knowledge of the technical know-how (craftsmanship) that went into concept origination, the design and manufacture of the vehicle.

What is Craftsmanship in Modern Business Writing?

It is the process of improving the rough, first draft of your work as a writer. It simply involves rewriting and editing. Our research findings at Grandi Menti Consulting have shown that there are only a few people that can both ‘’think on paper’’ and employ technical writing skills concurrently. For excellent craftmanship, you must have deep knowledge of the principles of ‘’good readable writing’’. You cannot improve your writing skills unless you recognize the difference between ‘’good’’ and ‘’bad’’ work. A key requirement in improving your writing skills is your ability to apply the principles of good grammar.

At Grandi Menti Consulting, our highly-qualified Training Facilitators equip participants with relevant skills often needed to avoid the pitfall of equating grammar with good writing. Our research into why so many business letters and proposals fail the ‘’deal-closing-test’’ is because much of the weak writing that appears in business is grammatically correct, but regrettably dull and ineffective. We often recommend that organizations take advantage of our Customized Training Programmes on Business Writing to equip their staff members with modern writing skills so they could know the following:

  • How to put verbs in the active voice
  • How to select strong verbs
  • How to handle modifiers
  • How to avoid trite expressions
  • How to avoid danglers
  • How to eliminate useless expressions
  • How to use parallel construction in letters and proposals

When Grandi Menti trains staff members of any organization in modern business writing skills, such participants become conscious of the demands of effective business writing and immediately  begin to avoid careless mistakes like: ‘’generally speaking,’’ ‘’goals & objectives’’, ‘’attached hereto’’, ‘’absolutely essential’’, etc.

…Emmanuel Ifeanyi Anyanwu (BSc, MBA, MNIMN) – Managing Partner, Grandi Menti Consulting – 20200103


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