The Future of Marketing Research

Why Interviewers Need Proper Training

There is no gainsaying that poorly trained or lowly motivated field force can prevent any firm from achieving the objectives of any good research study or effort. Management Training, unlike university education is job-specific. The essence of well-conducted training is to allow staff members being trained to perform their jobs successfully. The Heads of Marketing Departments must ensure they expose members of their team, who are responsible for conducting marketing research activities, to regular training under the guidance of tested training facilitators in Marketing Research.

A poorly trained Marketing Research Personnel is a liability in any research project. Obviously, a poorly trained marketing research personnel would display ‘’interviewer error’’ in the field rather than carry out survey administration in the most professional manner possible. Imagine a staff member who is not well trained in marketing research activities out there in the field with little or no knowledge of how to carry out his/her assignment? Such individuals are likely to create ‘’respondent problems’’ rather that solve problems by asking questions like: ‘’Do you often drink Beer?’’ What does ‘’often’’ mean? Hourly? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? ‘’Often may mean or be interpreted differently by respondents. This type of ‘’semantic error’’ (misinterpretation of questions by respondents) is probably one key reason for several response errors which often water down the effect of any questionnaire administration.

‘’Question misunderstandings’’ or ‘’errors in semantics’’ can be controlled and eliminated by properly training marketing research personnel, especially those involved in field interviews.  At Grandi Menti Consulting, we expose Marketing Research persons to best-practices so that they can independently carry out questionnaire pretesting to ensure that questions are clearly understood by respondents.

…. Emmanuel Ifeanyi Anyanwu (BSc, MBA, MNIMN) – Managing Partner, Grandi Menti Consulting – 20191219


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